Parliament in pictures

This pack of 10 large posters and classroom guide is designed for teachers to introduce a study of Parliament. The colourful and easy-to-understand posters are ideal for display in upper primary and secondary classrooms.

$20.00 (GST inclusive)
Postage included.

Parliament in pictures explores the following topics:

  • three levels of government
  • the Australian Parliament
  • the House of Representatives
  • the Senate
  • choosing members
  • choosing senators
  • forming government
  • law-making
  • separation of powers
  • the Australian Constitution

Who is it for?

  • upper primary to secondary teachers

Why should you order?

Parliament in pictures provides an eye-catching visual introduction to the key concepts of parliamentary education.

How can it be used?

The posters are designed to be displayed in the classroom. The classroom guide contains additional information teachers can use to further enhance the educational value of the posters. It includes activities to stimulate classroom discussion and extend learning, as well as links to more resources.

Sample Parliament in Pictures posters.

Sample posters from the Parliamentary Education Office's Parliament in Pictures resource.

Parliamentary Education Office (


This image shows the Forming the Australian Government and three levels of government posters from the Parliamentary Education Office's Parliament in pictures resource.

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