Get to know the PEO

Get to know the work and people of the Parliamentary Education Office (PEO). We provide parliamentary education programs and information about the Australian Parliament to schools, teachers and students.

The PEO team are highly experienced professional educators with extensive knowledge of parliamentary process, pedagogy and the Australian Curriculum.

Through relevant programs and resources, the PEO enables Australians to better understand the role, function and value of the Australian Parliament, and actively engage with it. We produce information that is current, accurate and impartial.

Our work includes:

Immersive learning programs

that give primary and secondary students hands-on experience of how Parliament works to make Australia a better place to live. Programs are delivered at Australia's Parliament House, at schools during national outreach and via video conferencing

Print and digital resources

that enable teachers and students to better understand Australia's democratic system of government

Teaching resources

linked to the Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum, including units of work, lesson plans and other learning materials

Services and support for senators and members

to assist them build community understanding of their roles as members of parliament.

We are jointly funded by the Department of the Senate and the Department of the House of Representatives.

Want to work with us? Check the Australian Parliament House website for current opportunities.

Our office

36 years of the PEO
4040 outreach programs delivered
518 661 resources distributed
2.4 million students
7 website redesigns
1522 video conference programs

Our team

22 people
194 years of classroom experience
24 469 programs delivered
973 years of life experience
169 years in the PEO
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More details of the achievements of the PEO can be found on the PEO at a glance page and in the Department of the Senate Annual Report.