Outreach program

Each year, educators from the PEO bring the Australian Parliament to classrooms around Australia. Contact us to find out if we are bringing our immersive learning program to your area.

The PEO's outreach program lets students talk to experts and have a hands-on experience of how Parliament works to make Australia a better place to live. It is an ideal way to build on civics and citizenship studies for students and teachers.

Outreach for students

Our outreach program explores the function, purpose and value of Australia's democratic system of government. It does this through investigating:

  • how laws are made through Parliament
  • the responsibilities of representatives
  • the formation of government
  • how government is kept accountable

Outreach for teachers

Educators on outreach also deliver professional learning programs to pre-service, primary and secondary teachers.

A PEO outreach program

A PEO outreach program.

Parliamentary Education Office (peo.gov.au)

Serjeant-at-Arms with the Mace

Serjeant-at-Arms with the Mace.

Parliamentary Education Office (peo.gov.au)

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Want to know more?
Send us an email through the Contact page or phone 02 6277 3508 if you would like to know when and where the next outreach programs will be held.