Social Media Acceptable Use Guidelines

The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) educates Australians about, and inspires their enthusiasm for, Australia’s parliamentary democracy. The PEO is politically neutral, independent of any political parties/politicians and the work of the Government of Australia. If you would like to engage in a discussion about politics, you could contact local councillors, your state Members of Parliament, or your Federal Members of Parliament (depending on the issue).

We encourage an open dialogue on our accounts, but we have the right to remove content and comments that compromise our politically neutral position. We also have the right to block users from our accounts for repeated violations of the page guidelines. Your comments may be pre-moderated or post-moderated based on the following guidelines:

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Please remember that content on social media is public; take note of your individual privacy settings before posting materials on our accounts.

You can contact the PEO via if you would like to report inappropriate content or behaviour.

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