Australia's Constitution pocket edition

This handy pocket-sized edition of the full text of the Australian Constitution is published jointly by the Parliamentary Education Office and the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS). It is an essential reference text for students of politics, legal studies and related fields.

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This A6-sized edition of Australia's Constitution contains all 128 sections as well as an informative summary by the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS). It also contains notes prepared by the AGS detailing the alterations to the Constitution made as a result of referenda passed by the Australian people.

Who is it for?

  • legal studies students
  • university law students
  • lifelong learners

Why should you order?

The Australian Constitution affects our everyday lives; it is the foundation for all laws and details the basic rules for how Australia is governed.

How can it be used?

Australia's Constitution is a handy reference text for any student of law or politics. It can also be used by classroom teachers when undertaking a unit of work on the Constitution.

Australia's Constitution cover and sample pages.

Cover of Australia's Constitution with sample pages.

Parliamentary Education Office (


This image shows the cover of Australia's Constitution with sample pages. The map of Australia on the cover is made up of icons demonstrating the Section 51 powers of the Australian Parliament.

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