Supporting information for teachers

Use these handy resources to prepare your class—and yourself—for the Unpack democracy classroom activity.



This fact sheet introduces the idea of democracy and explores the key principles of Australia’s democratic system of government. These include individual freedoms, justice, tolerance of opposing ideas and representative government.

Australian system of government

This fact sheet examines Australia’s mixed system of government. It includes information about federation, representative democracy and constitutional monarchy, and the role of the separation of powers.

Separation of powers: Parliament, Executive and Judiciary

The principle of the separation of powers distributes the power to govern between the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary. This fact sheet examines the role of each group and the related principle of responsible government.

Rights in Australia

This paper investigates the framework of rights in Australia. It defines the different types of rights, including human rights, and looks at the many sources for our rights and how they are protected.