Extension activities

Challenge your students with these extension activities once you have completed the Run an election campaign classroom activity.

Face the media

  1. Organise the class into pairs or groups of 3.
  2. Ask each student to take on the role of journalist and interview their partner about the messages they shared in their social media posts. Ask students to switch roles until every student has conducted an interview and been interviewed.
  3. Ask students to take the information they gathered in the interview and turn it into a feature article on the candidate using the feature article scaffold.
  4. ‘Publish' the feature articles on the wall in the classroom and give students the opportunity to ‘like' or comment on them using post-it notes.

Hold an election

Use the information and resources on the Australian Electoral Commission's Get Voting website to hold an election in your classroom. These resources are also great for electing a school parliament or school council.