PEO teacher pack

This set of PEO posters and classroom guides is what you need to explore the Australian Parliament and Australia’s system of government in your classroom.

Each pack contains:

  • Australia's prime minsters poster set
  • PEO poster pack
  • Your Parliament: how the Australian Parliament works
  • Teaching civics and citizenship: a classroom guide

One complimentary pack is available per teacher.

Who is it for?

  • Upper primary to senior secondary school teachers

How can it be used?

The PEO teacher pack has everything you need to get students involved in parliamentary education in the classroom.

Display the posters to stimulate classroom discussion, and use the activities in Teaching civics and citizenship and Rights, power, action to explore democratic processes through role-play, negotiation and problem solving.

Introduce the Australian Parliament and system of government with Your Parliament.

The activities in Teaching civics and citizenship are suitable for students in Years 5–10. Rights, power, action is targeted at students in Years 9–12.

How much?

One free PEO teacher pack is available per teacher.

PEO teacher pack.

8 different posters and 2 A4 booklets.

Parliamentary Education Office (


The PEO teacher pack includes:

  • PEO democracy poster
  • Australian Constitution poster
  • Senate poster
  • House of Representatives poster
  • Teaching civics and citizenship: a classroom guide
  • Your Parliament: How the Australian Parliament works
  • The 8 posters in the Australia's prime ministers poster set
  • Rights, power, action: a practical classroom guide for teaching Australia's system of government (secondary teachers only) 
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