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The Parliamentary Education Office’s learning resources provide teachers and students with engaging entry points into parliamentary education.

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Session notes

Discover how the PEO can assist you teach the Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum in your classroom. Our teachers' newsletter offers tips, tricks and opportunities for you and your students.


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Australia's Constitution pocket edition

This handy pocket-sized edition of the full text of the Australian Constitution is an essential reference text for politics and legal studies students.

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Australia's prime ministers posters

This set of large posters explores the lives and achievements of Australia's first 8 prime ministers. They are ideal for display in the classroom.

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Parliament in pictures

This set of 10 posters and classroom guide is an introduction to the Australian Parliament for students of all ages and language abilities, including ESL students.

Posters and classroom guide
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PEO poster pack

This set of large posters covers a range of parliamentary and Australian system of government topics. They are ideal for display in the classroom.

PEO teacher pack

These PEO posters and classroom guides are what you need to explore the Australian Parliament and Australia's system of government in your classroom. One complimentary pack is available per teacher.

Teacher pack
Rights, power, action: a practical classroom guide for teaching Australia's system of government

A practical guide for exploring concepts relating to our system of government with upper and senior secondary students.

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Teaching civics and citizenship: a classroom guide

Make civics and citizenship learning dynamic, relevant and deeply memorable with these classroom activities.

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Your Parliament

Discover all about Australia’s system of government in one place. This booklet is suitable for teaching civics and citizenship in the classroom and for lifelong learners.