PEO poster pack

This set of large posters covers a range of parliamentary and Australian system of government topics. They are ideal for display in the classroom.

A set of A2-sized posters designed to be displayed in the classroom to stimulate class discussion.

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$1.00 (GST inclusive)
Postage included.

Who is it for?

  • Primary and secondary teachers

How can it be used?

These posters are designed to be displayed in the classroom for easy reference during classroom activities and to stimulate classroom discussion. They could be used to introduce a unit of work on the Australian Parliament or a prompt to reflect on the learning achieved.

Why not use these discussion starters in conjunction with our posters:

  • Why is it important for Australia to have a Constitution? Why is it good to have a set of rules for everyone?
  • Why do you think the Constitution includes strict rules about how it can be changed?
  • Is democracy best for everyone? Why or why not?
  • What is the biggest threat to democracy?

For more democracy discussion starters, see Teaching civics and citizenship: a classroom guide.

How much?

The PEO poster pack is $1 (GST inclusive).

PEO poster pack.

A collection of 4 posters about the Australian Parliament.

Parliamentary Education Office (


The posters in the PEO poster pack:

  • PEO democracy poster
  • Senate poster
  • House of Representatives poster
  • Australian Constitution poster


PEO Australian Constution poster.

Parliamentary Education Office (


Different coloured rectangles with text and images on one side of the poster. The other side has a map of Australia composed of icons. The text reads:

Australia's Constitution

What is it?

How does it work?

Why does it matter?

Senate and House of Representatives posters.

Posters of the empty red Senate and green House of Representatives

Parliamentary Education Office (


Senate poster: A poster of the the empty Senate, part of the Australian Parliament. It is titled: 'The Senate. Parliament House, Canberra'.

House of Representatives poster: A poster of the the empty House of Representatives, part of the Australian Parliament. It is titled: 'The House of Representatives. Parliament House, Canberra'.

Democracy poster

Double sided democracy poster

Parliamentary Education Office (


Double sided democracy poster showing sheep in front of Parliament House on one side and aspects of Democracy on the other side.

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