The Australian Constitution

The Australian Constitution is the set of rules by which Australia is governed.

The Constitution Has 8 Chapters


Chapter 1

The Parliament

The Parliament and how it can use its powers.

Chapter 2

The Executive

A composite image of the King and the Governor-General.

The role of the King, the Governor-General and ministers.

Chapter 3

The Judicature

The role of the courts.

Chapter 4

Finance and Trade

How the government looks after public money and how business is to be done between the federal government and state governments.

Chapter 5

The States

The rights and powers of the states.

Chapter 6

New States

How new Australian states can be formed.

Chapter 7


The location of the national capital and other issues.

Chapter 8

Alteration of the

How the Constitution can be changed.

The Constitution can only be changed by a special vote of the people called a referendum.