The Australian Constitution

Reveal each section of the Australian Consitution with this interactive poster. It includes information on how the Constitution can be changed. Use the teaching notes and activities to support your students' learning. 

Teaching notes and activities

Curriculum links

Year 5: ACHASSK115
Year 7: ACHCK048; ACHCK049

Before you begin

Read through The Australian Constitution in focus paper, which explains the Australian Constitution is the legal framework for how Australia is governed.

Getting started

These discussion starters are listed from easier to more complex. Choose the ones that work best for your class.

  1. What is the Australian Constitution?
  2. Name 3 areas that are covered in the Australian Constitution.
  3. Since 1901, 8 changes have been made to the Australian Constitution. Why might we want to change the Constitution?


Class constitution activity

Explain to students a constitution is a document that outlines how a country is run. A constitution gives responsibilities, describes shared values and includes ways of resolving disagreements. Together, write a class constitution. Your constitution could include the following chapters:

  1. What we value.
  2. Who has which powers.
  3. Who has which responsibilities.
  4. What our rights are.
  5. How we resolve disagreements.

Display your constitution somewhere prominent in the classroom and refer to it when making class decisions.


After looking at the interactive poster and completing some of the activities, discuss this question with your class:

  • The Australian Constitution includes rules about how it can be changed. A bill must pass the Parliament and then the Australian people have to vote on the change. This change is called a referendum. Why do you think the Constitution includes such strict rules about how it can be changed?