Senate Estimates May - June 2021

Senate committees questioned government ministers and public servants on a range of topics over two weeks.

Jun 3, 2021

Senate estimates hearings, also known as estimates committees or simply 'estimates', allow senators to scrutinise - closely examine - how the executive government is spending taxpayers' money.

During this round of estimates hearings, senators asked about a huge range of topics including,

  • spending on submarines for the Australian Navy
  • plans for protecting endangered animals, such as koalas, Leadbeater’s possums and swift parrots
  • Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker vessel, RSV Nuyina, and whether or not it could fit under the Tasman Bridge in Hobart
  • how the eSafety Commissioner is helping to educate children in staying safe online
  • funding for Australian TV shows, including Bluey.