Parliamentarians stumped by Press Gallery

The Press Gallery team were victorious over the politicians’ team in the annual ‘Press Gallery versus Pollies’ cricket match.

Feb 21, 2021

The Pollies batted first and notched up a respectable 154. Topping the scores for the parliamentarians was Rick Wilson MP, the Member for O’Connor, with a respectable 32 runs.

The Press Gallery chased down the total with four wickets in hand, with ABC correspondent James Glenday top scorer for the journalists with 50 not out.

Senator Matt Canavan also made his mark by scoring 12 with the bat, substituting in the field when a member of the Press Gallery pulled a hamstring, and also stepping in for a spot of umpiring.

The tradition of the Press Gallery competing against members of parliament in sports has continued for decades with the two sides challenging each other in a range of sports including swimming, netball and soccer.