Budget reply

The Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, presented the Budget reply to the House of Representatives.

Oct 8, 2020

The Leader of the Opposition announced Budget measures that would be introduced under a Labor government, including:

  • Building and repairing social housing
  • Making childcare more affordable for working families
  • Setting up an agency to integrate more renewables into Australia’s power grid
  • Ensuring that 10% of jobs on government projects go to apprentices
  • Investing in Australian manufacturing
  • Establishing an Australian centre for disease control.

In his speech, Mr Albanese argued that the government’s budget is not fair to all Australians.

If we're going to come out of this recession stronger and fairer, then our country needs a plan to ensure that no-one is left behind and no-one is held back. Our plan to take Australia from recession to recovery is this: rehire our workers, rewire our economy, recharge workforce participation of women and rebuild our nation.

The Budget reply provides an opportunity for the Leader of the Opposition to publicly outline their party’s views on the government’s proposed Budget. The reply speech is an important part of scrutinising—carefully examining—the Budget and holding the government to account. It also allows the opposition to set out any alternative policies they have regarding proposals to raise and spend money.