In history December 2019

December in Australian parliamentary history.

Dec 11, 2019

On 18 December 1894 South Australia granted women the right to vote.

On 24 December 1900 the Governor-General, Lord Hopetoun, commissioned Edmund Barton to be Australia’s first Prime Minister.

On 23 December 1901 the Immigration Restriction Act passed the Australian Parliament. This was the beginning of the White Australia Policy.

On 20 December 1917 Australia held a second plebiscite on military conscription. Once again, Australia voted to reject the idea of forcing Australian men to serve in World War I.

On 17 December 1967 Prime Minister Harold Holt went missing while swimming near Portsea in Victoria.

On 2 December 1986 Justice Mary Gaudron became the first woman to be appointed to the High Court of Australia.

On 8 December 1988 the High Court of Australia ruled in favour of native title in the Mabo case.