National Integrity Commission bill passes the Senate

The Senate has passed a private senator’s bill to establish a national integrity commission to investigate alleged corruption at a federal—national—level.

Sept 9, 2019

The Australian National Integrity Commission would be an independent public sector anticorruption organisation, with a judge or retired judge appointed as Commissioner. The Commission would have the powers of a Royal Commission to investigate matters, or hold public inquiries or meetings. Anyone identifying a corruption issue could refer this to the Commission.

Introducing the National Integrity Commission Bill 2018 (No. 2) to the Senate, Greens Senator Larissa Waters said, ‘We are giving the parliament the chance today to deliver on the principles, that you all say you're committed to, for an anticorruption body … It has the support of a cohort of former judges who have been lobbying and advocating in this space for a strong anticorruption body.’

The House of Representatives may now consider the bill.