Inspection of live animal exports

The Parliament has passed a bill to establish an Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports to oversee the Department of Agriculture’s role in regulating exports.

Sept 18, 2019

The work of the Inspector-General will focus on animal welfare as part of the live export trade. The Inspector-General will be able to review the performance of officials involved in the trade and to require people to answer questions about their participation in the trade. Penalties may apply to those who do not comply with the directions of the Inspector-General.

Presenting the Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Bill 2019 to the Senate, Senator the Hon Jonathon Duniam advised, ‘The government supports the farmers who rely on livestock exports, and the exporters who do the right thing. The government is also committed to providing the standards of animal welfare Australians expect. We need this trade to be conducted properly and sustainably.’