First speeches

More first speeches were presented to Parliament. In this speech, members of parliament may talk about their background and the people they represent, and discuss issues—local, national or global—that they are concerned about.

Sept 19, 2019

Members of parliament often take the opportunity to share the thoughts of their constituents. Senator Marielle Smith said, ‘293,000 children call South Australia home ... I've come here to stand up for the children of my state ... they think Australia should have a policy of treating boys and girls the same. Zoe from Prospect told me that boys and girls are 'equally good' and therefore should get to do the same things.’

They may also talk about the heroes who inspire them. Senator Paul Scarr mentioned ‘Neville Bonner, the first Indigenous representative to sit in this parliament.’ He also quoted Sir Robert Menzies: ‘The real freedoms are to worship, to think, to speak, to choose, to be ambitious, to be independent, to be industrious, to acquire skill, to seek reward. These are the real freedoms, for these are of the essence of the nature of man.’

Senator Sam McMahon concluded her speech with some advice she had been given: ‘Don't take yourself too seriously; take what you do seriously.’

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