New senator for the ACT

Mr David Smith was sworn-in as senator for the Australian Capital Territory, replacing former Senator Katy Gallagher, who was found ineligible to be in Parliament as a result of her dual citizenship.

Jun 29, 2018

In his first speech to the Senate, Senator Smith spoke about undertaking a trek through the ACT to speak with residents about their concerns, which included, ‘insecure employment, housing affordability, rising utility bills in a city where heating is a must and ensuring kids are getting breakfast before school.’ He named the 790 kilometre walk a ‘Camino de Canberra.’

He described the importance of the public service in Canberra stating that, ‘Strong government needs to be driven by a workforce motivated by the public good rather than commercial interests.’ He joked about his name being common and paid tribute to a number of other David Smiths from the former secretary to the Governor-General to union officials.

Senator Smith closed his speech with a quote from John Smith, the former leader of the UK Labour Party, ‘The opportunity to serve—that is all we ask.’