Live sheep export bill

The export of live sheep by ship to Middle Eastern countries would be phased out over 5 years, under a private member’s bill introduced in the House of Representatives. 

Jun 6, 2018

The Live Sheep Long Haul Export Prohibition Bill 2018 was introduced by the Member for Farrer, the Hon Sussan Ley MP, and seconded by the Member for Corangamite, Ms Sarah Henderson MP.

The bill proposed an end to live export during July, August and September 2019, with a transition period of 5 years after this to gradually end all live trade. This would allow farmers and the meat industry to identify new markets and production methods in that timeframe.

Ms Ley recounted her time living in the United Arab Emirates, working in Australia as a mustering pilot, in shearing sheds and as a sheep farmer, telling the House ‘In the modern world ethics and sustainability in the production of food and fibre are vital. Sanctioning further voyages on these ships of shame, particularly into a Middle Eastern summer, damages our brand.’