Senator Storer’s first speech

In his first speech to the Senate, newly appointed senator for South Australia, Mr Tim Storer, acknowledged the Ngunnawal people (the traditional owners of Canberra), and the Kaurna people (the traditional owners of the Adelaide plains).

May 18, 2018

Later, he recognized ‘the legacy of trauma and grief in communities as a result of colonisation, forced removals and other past government policies.’ Senator Storer paid tribute to his former party colleagues and to his parents and teachers, whose values are expressed in St Ignatius’ College ‘Prayer for Generosity’.

Senator Storer went on to say that ‘society is judged ... on how it treats its most vulnerable’ and listed the refugee crisis, homelessness, cost-of-living, housing affordability, and unemployment allowances as priorities he hopes to address. Senator Storer closed his speech by acknowledging that his initial term in the Senate will be just 500 days, and pledging to ‘make every day count and judge every issue on its merits against the benchmarks of integrity, fairness, prosperity and sustainability.’