Opposition Leader’s Budget reply

Delivering his reply to the federal Budget, the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Bill Shorten MP, told the House of Representatives that a Labor government would focus on funding health and education and creating a fairer tax system for the nation.

May 18, 2018

Like the Treasurer’s Budget speech, the Budget reply provides an opportunity for the Leader of the Opposition to publicly outline their party’s views on the government’s proposed Budget. The reply speech is an important part of scrutinising—carefully examining—the Budget and holding the government to account. It also allows the opposition to set out any alternative policies they have regarding proposals to raise and spend money.

The Leader of the Opposition announced Budget measures that would be introduced under a Labor Party government, including:

  • bigger tax cuts for lower and middle income earners
  • a renewed commitment to 50 per cent use of renewable energy by 2030
  • funding for 100 000 TAFE places in high-priority areas of skills shortages
  • new MRI machines in 20 hospitals in regional areas and outer suburbs, to help patients manage serious illnesses.

In his speech, Mr Shorten declared Australia ‘needs a government that will deliver a fair go for all Australians. That is what we deliver. That is our promise.’