Increased support for regional universities

A National Regional Higher Education Strategy recognising the role of regional universities and supporting government policy would be developed, under a private member’s bill introduced in the House of Representatives. 

Apr 6, 2018

 The strategy would include measures to:

  • increase the number of regional students in higher education
  • support students moving between secondary and tertiary education
  • address the declining population of young people in regional areas
  • help regional higher education providers in creating resilient communities.

The Member for Indi, Ms Cathy McGowan MP, introduced the Higher Education Support Amendment (National Regional Higher Education Strategy) Bill 2018, saying, ‘the delivery of higher education in regional Australia is central to the economic prosperity of this nation.’ She also noted that ‘regional universities play a unique role in developing our regional economies, contributing to social and cultural development.’ The bill was supported by the Member for Mayo, Ms Rebekha Sharkie MP.