Request a tailored program

The PEO can tailor free teacher professional learning programs for your school, university or educational organisation.

In addition to our regularly scheduled sessions, schools, universities and educational organisations and associations can request tailored programs to suit their professional learning needs.

Request a tailored program

Examples of tailored programs

Civics and Citizenship masterclass with the Parliament of South Australia

For South Australian teachers in May 2020

  • An introduction to the PEO’s digital resources and video conferencing program.
  • A brief exploration of our fun and engaging classroom activities.

Introduction to teaching Civics and Citizenship

For preservice teachers from the University of Newcastle in February 2020

  • An introduction to democracy and decision-making from the classroom to the Australian Parliament.
  • How to turn your classroom into a working parliament.

The Constitution, elections and parliament: activities, strategies and resources

For the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association in November 2019

  • An in-depth look at the Australian Constitution in historical and modern contexts.
  • How the Constitution is changed through the referendum process and how to explore this process in the classroom.

Teacher professional learning via video conferencing.

An educator in a video conferencing studio delivering a professional learning program.

Parliamentary Education Office (


This photo shows an educator in a video conferencing studio. She is standing at a lecturn and speaking into a camera. The room also contains lights, TV screens and other studio equipment.