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This easy-to-understand booklet explores Australia's system of government and how the Australian Parliament works. Get Parliament is perfect for teaching parliamentary units in the classroom and is a comprehensive introduction for anyone with an interest in Parliament.

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This 21 page, A4 booklet covers the core topics of the Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum.

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Who is it for?

  • Upper primary and secondary teachers
  • Upper primary and secondary students
  • Lifelong learners

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Why should you order?

Get Parliament assists teachers with the civics and citizenship components of the Australian Curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Anybody starting out on their Australian Parliament learning journey will find Get Parliament a great introductory text. 

Get Parliament includes detailed explorations of:

  • federation
  • the Australian Constitution
  • three levels of government
  • how members of parliament are elected
  • the Senate and House of Representatives
  • Parliament at work
  • getting involved in Parliament

How can it be used?

Get Parliament can also be used as a stand-alone resource to provide an introduction to the core functions and principles of the Australian system of government, or in conjunction with the videos, interactives and Classroom activities on the PEO website

The online version features additional information sections and deeper explorations of key topics through videos, links and activity sheets. 

How much?

Get Parliament is $2 (GST inclusive) per copy.

Get Parliament cover and sample pages.

Cover of the Parliamentary Education Office's Get Parliament resource with Federation and Accountability sample pages.

Parliamentary Education Office (


This image shows the front cover of the Parliamentary Education Office's Get Parliament resource and 2 sample pages from inside Get Parliament. The sample pages cover the content Federation and Accountability.

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