Extension activities

Challenge your students with these extension activities once you have completed the Hold a referendum classroom activity.

A different issue

As an alternative to the Head of State question, the class could debate an idea for a different change to the Constitution. They might choose to add to, or subtract from, section 51—federal Parliament's law-making powers. For example, the class could add a power to make laws about pet control or the environment, or take away the power to make laws about trade and commerce with other countries (section 51(i)).

Past referendums

Review a past successful Australian referendum. Discuss why it was successful. You can find information on past referendums in the Australian Electoral Commission's Constitutional referendums brochure and on the Referendum dates and results page.

Changing the Constitution

Explore the Australian Electoral Commission's Changing the Constitution activities. These are most suitable for Years 9 and 10 history students.