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The Parliamentary Education Office’s printed learning resources provide students, teachers and lifelong learners with engaging entry points into parliamentary education. These resources are great for anybody with an interest in the Australian Parliament and our system of government.

For everyone

printed pocket constitution

Australia's Constitution

This handy pocket-sized edition of the full text of the Australian Constitution is published jointly by the Parliamentary Education Office and the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS). It is an essential reference text for students of politics, legal studies and related fields.

get parliament booklet

Get Parliament

This easy-to-understand booklet explores Australia's system of government and how Parliament works. Get Parliament is perfect for teaching parliamentary units in the classroom and is a comprehensive introduction for anyone with an interest in Parliament.

posters of the chambers

Senate and House of Representatives posters

These large posters show the Senate and the House of Representatives . They are ideal for display in the classroom and provide students who have not visited Parliament House with a sense of the colour and size of the 2 houses of the Australian Parliament.


For teachers



These fun to make chatterboxes feature questions and answers about parliamentary processes and the history of our Parliament. Quiz your students or challenge them to write their own questions using the templates.

parliament in pictures

Parliament in pictures

This pack of 10 large posters and classroom guide is designed for teachers to introduce a study of Parliament. The colourful and easy-to-understand posters are ideal for display in upper primary and secondary classrooms.

Posters and classroom Guide
PEO democracy poster

PEO democracy poster

Start a conversation about democracy in your classroom with our free A2 poster.

session notes

Session Notes 

The Session Notes teacher newsletter features news from the Parliamentary Education Office, such as new resources, programs and how the PEO can help you teach about the Australian Parliament.

teaching civics and citizenship

Teaching civics and citizenship: a classroom guide

Make civics and citizenship learning dynamic, relevant and deeply memorable with these classroom activities.